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About Us

We live in Lancashire, England in a Victorian terraced house. We have loved dogs as pets all our lives. Christine started off early in life with a cross border collie in the obedience ring at the age of 12.  Glyn's family had always kept boxer dogs and his mother bred us our first show dog, Greta.


In 2001 we decided to have a change and bought our first pharaoh hound, Jasmine from Sheila Simm of the Ezhar Kennel.  Thank you Sheila for this fabulous hound.  We then bred our very own pharaoh hound puppies Noneco (Eco) and Atum.  Although both our girls are show champions they are pets first and foremost, dog shows are a fun activity for us to enjoy.



Pictured left is when Jasmine meets Carla our boxer for the first time at age 8 weeks in our back garden.


Our dogs live in the house with us and are members of our family. We have fun with them every day and take them walks and outings and they go on holiday with us.



Below - Glyn with Jasmine
Christine with Eco, Atum & Jasmine
on holiday
Life at Home
Above Alex & Christine with pups
Jasmine loves
Keeping watch
Guard duty
Eco loves being
out in the sun
Having a few friends round
Out on walks
Caravan Life

From left to right - Christine with Jasmine, Glyn with Rama, Barbara with Zephyr and Cherry with Zahara in Progeny class at the Pharaoh Hound Club show

From left to right Yvonne with Mitzi, Darren with Honey, Glyn with Atum and Christine with Noneco at Midland Counties Championship Show having an informal get together after showing.