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Frequently Asked Questions

Other Dogs   Yes, Pharaoh Hounds play very well with other breeds of dogs.  PH's are quite active and play enthusiastically, so similar size is helpful.  However I've seen a number of Pharaohs playing nicely with dogs many times smaller than themselves.  Watch carefully whenever new dogs get together for the first time.  Help them to establish good basic interaction rules and you should have little trouble.  Now having said that, there are times you should be more careful.  For example, two intact (non-neutered) males meeting for the first time should call for more caution.  Or two non-spayed females.  Just use common sense and pay attention to the signals your dogs are giving.  Also use caution when other dogs are off their leads whilst yours are on the lead - they don’t take kindly to that as they feel vulnerable being unable to get away from the loose dog and may give plenty of warning barks.

  Cats:   Well, my dogs don't like cats.  They didn't grow up with cats and consider the neighbourhood cats prey.    Many people have cats and pharaoh hounds living together quite successfully, though.  It is best  to have a puppy and kitten grow up together.  The next choice is to have a puppy grow up with an adult cat.  I would not introduce a kitten into an adult pharaoh hound.  You have to remember what a tremendous prey drive this breed has!  While you are away from home, please consider leaving the cats and dogs in different rooms - even if they are best friends

Are pharaoh hounds good with kids:   They are great with kids.  They enjoy playing well into their senior years. If you have young children, make sure you tell the breeder (they'll probably ask).  In that case you will want a more "middle of the road" puppy in temperament.  It can't be one of the more timid ones because they might be overwhelmed by the noise and activity.  You also don't want a more dominant puppy because you don't want the dog trying to assert dominance on your kids.  Breeders watch their litters carefully from the moment they are born and have a very good idea how each individual puppy will fit best into a household

How Trainable is a Pharaoh Hound:    Pharaoh Hounds are very smart and quite trainable.  To have the best success (and the happiest friend), you should use the positive training techniques.  Think about the pharaoh hounds history.  They have been used for thousands of years as hunters.  They would go out, on their own, to find and take prey.  This type of hunting has evolved them into a smart, independent thinker.  This is a breed of problem solvers who think of themselves as your partner, rather than your property.  So, you won't get the always eager-to-please attitude of the working or herding breeds.  You need to make training fun and positive!  Joining a local training class is a must.  We recommend joining a Kennel Club Good Citizen class. Our hounds have passed their bronze award which is a great help to establish basic obedience.


Pharaoh Hounds are quite versatile and can excel and in many areas.  They are great agility dogs.  Pharaoh hounds love their family and love to do things with them.  The difference is you won't get mindless obedience from them, you will get a reasoning, discerning partner.   


I’ve heard that you cannot allow a pharaoh hound off the lead

Pharaoh Hounds have a very strong hunting instinct.  Because of this, they can "forget" any obedience training if they see something they consider prey.  If this happens to be a squirrel across a busy street . . . well, you can see the disaster waiting to happen.  For this reason, you should never allow your Pharaoh Hound off the lead in an unsecured area.   They aren't trying to run away from you - but they will obey their ages old instinct to course game.  As you will see from reading the puppy pages some of dogs we have bred can be let off the lead in safe areas and will come back when they have finished chasing around and having fun.

What are pharaoh hounds like to live with

Pharaoh Hounds are clean, easy to live with dogs.  They house train readily and, with consistent feedback, easily learn household manners.  Ours are allowed on furniture when invited to do so, but know they are not allowed upstairs, again only when invited and then they they have a jolly time jumping on the beds and digging up the bedding like children.  They have been known on rare occasions to steal food, so care should be taken to keep food not for them out of reach.


Pharaoh Hounds can be barkers.  Not from boredom, or through nervous energy, but because they see something that needs attention paid to it.  However, their remarkable eyesight means this could be a cat in the neighbour's yard, or someone walking 50 yards down the street from the house.  Be firm and consistent while they're puppies and you can mostly control this.  However, a household with a pharaoh hound is rarely totally quiet.

Pharaoh hounds have lots of energy.  They like to play and will find something to play with if they aren't provided with toys!  Ours haven't been destructive, just active.  If you add one of this remarkable breed to your family, be prepared to spend time with it.  This lovely breed is not just for decoration!  They expect and deserve to be a part of your family.  This breed is too smart and creative to just be a backyard dog.   They need a lot of exercise!  As a puppy this means lots of play.  As adults, they will be your most faithful jogging buddy. Pharaoh hounds are very curious.  They like to know everything that's going on.  If there is something new in the house, they will investigate. 


                           See pictures below of life with pharaohs 


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